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Calculates Bogey, Target (Max) & Avg Times for Stage and Cross Country Rallies

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App Details:

This app was created by Rally/Cross Country event officials for use by other officials (or anyone who wants to use it).

Credits go to Jon Aston for developing the app with invaluable assistance and inspiration from Ian Stuart of the Scottish Hill Rally Club.

This app is intended to assist in calculating Bogey and Target (Maximum) Times for Stage and Cross Country Rallies.

It will also calculate average speed for a running event, Safety First!.

Under MSA rules (2016 Yearbook), the bogey time for a stage is the time taken to traverse that stage at a maximum average speed. Note this is an average speed, not a peak speed.

Stages usually have a target time, which is the slowest time a competitor can clear a stage without being penalised.

- On wholly sealed surfaces: max average speed = 75mph (R 28.2.1)
- On partially/wholly unsealed surfaces: max average speed = 70mph (R 28.2.2)
- (Target Time probably set at 30mph)

Cross Country (P 11.3.2)
- Hill Rally and Safari-Plus: max average speed = 50mph
- Comp Safari: max average speed = 30mph

Using this app, you enter the distance of the stage/course - and the times taken to clear that stage at a variety of speeds will be displayed

Target Times
The target time of a stage can be calculated two ways:
- it can be a lower average speed
- it can be some multiple of the bogey time.

Setting the distance
use the '+' & '-' buttons to alter the distance, or type the number into the box.

If you are using a multiplier from bogey time to calculate target time, this is where you can alter that value
In the "speeds" page you can toggle which speeds are displayed (if you only need 3, only choose 3)

Here is a list of speeds and their predicted use:
- 75 - max average speed for NAT-A road rallies
- 70 - max average speed for Nat-A gravel rallies
- 65 - old max average for Nat-B rallies
- 50 - max average for Hill Rallies & Safari+
- 40 - average speed we use for setting the time schedule for a Hill Rally
- 30 - max average speed for a Comp Safari
- 25 - average speed I assume Car Zero will be travelling at
- 15 - average speed I assume Spectator Safety will be travelling at

Other speeds are in there just in case, and if you need a speed that isn't in the list please ask :-)

If you find this app useful please leave an app store review and tell all your mates, thank you.

Service Disclaimer

Use of this APP is free, and has no uptime or any other guarantee.
Errors and Omissions Excepted